To live a taste does not only mean to taste it but to enter the world of that food, to know the path that has made until arriving on our tables.
Experiencing a flavor also means knowing how much that flavor can benefit our lives.
In Montosco we want to do just that: make sure that the flavors of our herbs and spices live in every dish.

The quality, 100% natural

For us quality rhymes with authenticity, for this reason for more than 20 years we at Montosco are committed to offering products of the highest quality, 100% natural.

We cultivate our Italian herbs and spices with care and collect them in their balsamic moment, then we work at low temperatures in order to preserve all their organoleptic and nutritional characteristics. All this to get them into your kitchen, perfect..

Perfect to exalt your every creation.


For us nature is a source of inspiration and for this we design Packaging Eco Friendly using materials that allow a total recyclability.


The project

We have differentiated our offer to meet different market needs. With Montosco Professional we have turned to professionals in the sector, creating products of the highest quality and providing an exclusive service thanks to the collaboration of partners who have years of experience in the sector.