The quality, 100% natural

For us quality rhymes with authenticity, for this reason for more than 20 years we at Montosco are committed to offering products of the highest quality, 100% natural.

We cultivate our Italian herbs and spices with care and collect them in their balsamic moment, then we work at low temperatures in order to preserve all their organoleptic and nutritional characteristics. All this to get them in your kitchen, perfect. Perfect to enhance your every creation.

Maldon® is a source of inspiration for chefs around the world

Maldon® salt has been produced since 1882 for over four generations by the Osborne family in Maldon®, a town in England. For almost a thousand years the sinuous coasts of this area have been the scene of salt production. The natural pyramid-shaped crystals, hand-picked, are the trademark of Maldon®, which is recognized in over 55 countries of the world as the best English sea salt on the market.

Sale Maldon® has chosen Montosco as exclusive importer of Food Service and Retail channels for Italy.

Chef Academy

Chef Academy is an International Academy of excellence since 1994, has its only headquarters in Umbria, in the green heart of Italy, which is distinguished by high standards of service, safety and quality of life.

Academy of excellence that can boast numerous national and international awards ( World Association of Chef Societies), witnessed by the presence of students from all over Italy and the rest of the world.